Get the newest Trackimo device for the lowest price!

Current Trackimo GPS trackers will not be supported soon because of fast changes in GSM networks. Get ready with our special offer to upgrade your Trackimo at minimal cost.


Due to changes in the GSM networks in many countries, Trackimo had developed a new generation of GPS tracking products to match present and future networks, and will stop supporting the devices with the current SIM technology on date July 1, 2021.

This is a great opportunity for you - as a valued Trackimo customer you can upgrade to the new products and receive the device with this one-time offer!

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Universal 3G

Specifically designed to be all-round 12v/24v on-board connected

Best Suitable for: vehicle and vessel fleets, outdoor use, heavy-duty applications

Two programmable buttons and 1 SOS button

Largest selection of accessories for body wear, attachment, battery longevity, etc.


How to participate in promotion?

The promotion lasts until the end of February! Check out our blog for more information on why we're replacing devices.

Buy an additional 12 months at the old price of EU $49.90 in Europe / $49.95 in the US.

Enter the ID number of the old tracker in the comment to the order.

We will activate your new annual subscription immediately, adding 12 months to the currently active subscription.

You will receive the new device by postage in April.

You don't need to send the old device back to us - it will work until July 1, 2021.


Special lowest price for existing customers

A special offer for all current Trackimo customers - you can buy an additional 12 months for your current subscription at the old price of EU 49.90 in Europe / $49.95 in the US (we will add them to an already active subscription).
Additionally, you will receive a new, better Trackimo 3G device from us. The replacement applies to all users of older 2G models.


Do you have any questions?

If you do not know which device you own or have questions about the new offer - we are available: