Industrial Products & OEM

Make operations truly 24/7 visible with Trackimo-empowered equipment

Location management, anti-theft and status reports - brought to you by Trackimo OEM

OEM solutions by Trackimo can be found in
geosurvey stations,
fiber optic bridges,
industrial batteries
and list continued providing accurate 24/7 positioning, status reports and much more, to improve and extend the industrial equipment capabilities.
Use Cases
Get tracking and connectivity for your industrial products with our PCB.
select from our range of PCBs to get the capabilities and connectivity you need
design your product with our PCB and connect to bus if needed using UART
the client can elect to activate the tracker functions
get white label app for your products
provide added value to your customers, get usage data and share service revenue
track equipment location 24/7 anywhere in the world
monitor the device status
prevent damage, loss and theft
collect location and usage data to build patterns and improve customer experience
provide a service platform earning from service fees
extend your reach to after-sale to capture upselling opportunities, like maintenance, preventive replacement, part sales
Key Benefits
Differentiate from competitors with a unique value proposition
Extend capabilities of your equipment with Trackimo OEM
Provide value-added features for your customers with 24/7 location, ant-theft, remote killswitch and usage reports
Upsell your end-users by participating in the revenue sharing of subscription fees
Utilize our customizable IoT platform and apps, and/or integrated with your own software through open APIs

Explore the benefits of our reseller program

Global connectivity with 2G/3G/4G
GPS indoor & outdoor positioning
Additional optional sensors - accelerometer, light, etc
Bare PCB or plug-in card design
Hardware integration with your equipment through UART interface
Security key feature - equipment blocked if tracker removed
Full software integration through open API
Device management and reports through a selection of front-end apps

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Find out more, how our OEM solutions may benefit your industrial products.
Proven hardware platform (components are used on 1 million+ of devices) with geolocation, connectivity, sensors and interoperability interface

Proprietary IoT platform with white labelling optional for our OEM partners, offering reliable uptime and seamless device management

True global connectivity for your equipment wherever your assets are