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How can the Trackimo Device location be accessed?
Our system will allow you to view your device(s) location(s) through three ways: via the internet, via your web-enabled mobile phone, or via our mobile app.
How far will my Trackimo track or locate?
Our system is designed to locate a Trackimo Device anywhere in the world (with NO ADDITIONAL costs or roaming fees) as long as there is GSM cellular service area. If the device enters an area without GSM cellular coverage, the GPS feature will not be able to report its current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage. Once it reconnects, it will transmit a history of its locations that you can view online.
Will my Trackimo work anywhere?
Yes – It will work anywhere that you have a GSM cellular signal.
What is GPS?
Global Positioning System (GPS) serves as a worldwide radio system and was originally developed and implemented by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system comprised of 24 orbiting satellites. GPS works on the principle that if you know an object's distance from several known locations, you can then calculate its location. The "known" locations are the GPS satellites, and the distance to the object is measured using the transit time of an encoded signal. The satellites also broadcast a data stream along with the encoded signal to transmit information about their location.
What is a Trackimo device?
The Trackimo device uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and cell ID technology to accurately track the device. It uses the wireless GSM network to transmit those positions to a web-based portal where users can view the device location.
Battery Save Mode
The battery save mode, will place the device to sleep and wake up 2-4 time per day, report its location and go to sleep again to save the battery.

If you need this mode, let us know and we will turn it up for you.

If you need non-stop live tracking mode, than battery will hold for up to 4 days, depending on the tracking frequency (ie. once per min, or up to once per 2 hours)
What is standard warranty?
Twelve months for manufacturer-related problems. This does not include abuse to the device or accidental damage or water damage.
How often should I replace my Device?
You should not need to replace the unit unless it has been broken or damaged, or you wish to upgrade when a newer unit is available.
Can anyone track my Trackimo Device?
No. When you register your Trackimo device on our tracking application, you will be able to list up to ten trusted individuals that you want to receive notifications. You can also designate how you want them to receive the alerts; either via email (free service) or text alerts (paid service). You can change or edit these names at any time. If you want them to be able to directly track your device, they would need your log-in and password to access the web-based service or mobile App.
Why does the accuracy of my Trackimo Device improve over time?
The initial location is the hardest as the Trackimo device is connecting for the first time with four satellites and figuring out where in the world it is. Most often this requires taking the device outside for 5 or more minutes. If activating in a home you may notice the initial location reported is approximate to your home but not very accurate. As your locator continues to gather data outside of the home and then inside, you will see its accuracy improve.
What does "plain view" or "clear view" of the sky mean?
Your Trackimo device needs to have a clear view of the sky so that the satellite signals can be received. "Clear View of the sky" means that the device needs to have an open line of sight to the GPS satellites in the sky. GPS was developed for shipping, aircraft and launch vehicles, which have an unobstructed view of the sky.

GPS satellites are in constant motion, rising and setting. In a given 2 hour time window, four satellites may rise and set over the horizon. This means that a satellite fix that was obtainable fifteen minutes ago in a location may not be obtainable in the next try.

The best location to get a satellite fix is on an open road. Roads provide a clear line of sight in the direction of the road, and often the buildings and trees are set back sufficiently that there is good visibility side to side. This is the ideal device location in order to get the initial fix or location for your device.
Does the Trackimo device work the same in all locations and areas?
No. The Trackimo device works best in suburban areas such as neighborhoods, houses, schools, parks, and flatter regions. It can receive a GPS signal better in these areas because there is less obstruction of the GPS signal. The better line-of-sight the GPS has to the satellites, the more accurate the position will be. The Trackimo device will work on a limited basis in cities where there are many high-rise buildings because the buildings decrease line of sight to the GPS signal causing errors in positioning.
What is the accuracy of the GPS in the Trackimo Device?
Though there are restrictions placed by the military, today's GPS receivers are extremely accurate thanks to their parallel multi-channel design. The Trackimo device is usually accurate within 15 meters (~50 feet). Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error may affect the accuracy.

Due to technological limitations of the GPS satellites' signals, we cannot guarantee that the GPS device will work 100% of the time. GPS signals connections may experience downtime, interruptions or dead spots.
What do I do with my Trackimo Device when I first receive it?
Charge your Trackimo device using a standard universal USB AC adapter for a minimum of 12 hours. Then place your device in an area with a clear line of sight to the sky and power up your device by holding down the red button on the front side for 3-4 seconds. You will see a green LED flashing for 3 seconds to indicate the device powering on.
How do I know if my Trackimo Device is charging?
There will be a red LED blinking on the front face of the device.
My Trackimo does not charge, what do I do?
The device takes a while to get its initial charge, just keep the device plugged in for a couple of hours or overnight.
How do I activate my Trackimo Device?
1. After you have fully charged and turned on your device for the first time:
2. Browse to our website and click Login button.
3. If you are not registered yet, click on Sign Up, enter your e-mail and password, retype password and click on Sign Up For Trackimo and after a while please check your e-mail and confirm registration then go to and click Login button.
4. Login using your e-mail and password.
5. Click Orange "Activate device" button or choose Activate device from drop-down menu at top-right and follow the form.
6. You will need to enter your device ID; It can be found on the label attached to the bottom of the Box or underneath battery. It is a 7 digit number (e.g., 1050137).
7. You will be able to enter your payment details or activation code.
8. Follow activation prompts from the website.
Can I activate a Trackimo Device for someone else?
Yes. You can activate a Trackimo Device for someone else using his Trackimo account credentials. However, if you are registering a new device under a new Trackimo account, you must have access to the email account used to click the confirmation link.
How long does the SOS button need to be pressed in order to send an SOS alert signal?
The SOS button needs to be pressed and held for 4 seconds to activate an alert. This helps prevent false SOS alerts.
How do I power the Trackimo Device "On" and "Off"?
1. To power the device ON

Press and hold the Power Button until the locator status LED indicator begins to glow. This will take approximately 2 seconds. A blinking green LED will then indicate that the device is operating correctly. 2. To power the device OFF Press and hold the Power Button until the locator status LED Indicator begins to flash quickly. This will take approximately 2 seconds. The locator status LED indicator will shut off when the device has properly shut down.
Why does my Trackimo Device beep?
Your Trackimo Device will beep for different reasons. This includes when the device powers on, powers off, and connects to a GPS or GSM network. For a detailed explanation of the beeps, please refer to the user guide.
Is the Trackimo Device waterproof?
The Trackimo device is water resistant when covered with the supplied silicone water resistant cover, but is NOT waterproof.
Can the Trackimo Device be tracked when turned off?
No. Like a cell phone, the device cannot send or receive communications when turned off.
What is the difference between a Trackimo Device and a smartphone?
Smartphones are designed for spoken communication with limited location ability available as a convenience. The Trackimo device's primary purpose is to monitor its position accurately and reliably and to provide pre-selected alerts.
How long does the battery last?
Under normal use, the battery can last up to 48 hours. Please note that several factors can affect the battery life including temperature, network, signal strength and locator features used. For example, if the device is in a very limited cell (GSM) coverage area, this will require the device to work harder to obtain a signal resulting in less battery life. Also, the more frequently you track the device, the faster the battery will be used.
How do I know the battery level on my device is low?
The battery status of your Trackimo device can be viewed on the web portal and mobile App.
What is a "Low Battery" alert? What do I need to do?
When you get a "Low Battery" email or text message alert, you should immediately charge your device. The alert is designed to let you know that your device is running out of power and needs to be recharged.
Can low battery and power off alerts be sent by text message?
Currently, these alerts can come via email only.
Device does not connect
Make sure your device has a clear view of the sky and the GPS signal is not being blocked. Cycle the power off and on, give the device about 10 minutes to try and reconnect. If issues continue contact our tech and support team through email, phone, or live chat.
My Trackimo web portal page is loading strangely! Why is some information not displaying?
This could be a compatibility issue with the web browser version that you are using to view We have optimized our Trackimo application to display best on the most widely used and updated web browsers.
Why isn't my Trackimo Device showing up on the map?
First place the device somewhere with a clear line of sight to the sky. Make sure the Trackimo device is powered on. Remember that your device reports its location in intervals, at whatever time frequency you chosen in the settings. The device needs to be outside with a clear line of sight to the sky during those intervals for the location to be updated and reported.

Please note: The first time the device is turned on, it can take up to 30 minutes for its global position to be calculated. Once operational, the sequence of fixing on the satellite signals will be much shorter.
    What should I do if I can't get the Trackimo Device to turn on?
    If you can't get the Trackimo device to turn on, please make sure that you have charged the battery for at least 12 hours for first time use. If the device has been charged, press and hold the Power button until the LED begins to glow. This will take approximately 2 seconds. The LED status indicator will change to blinking green when the device is ready to be used.
    My Trackimo Device shows several different reports within a 5-block radius. Why? Is this accurate?
    GPS devices often "drift" when reporting their location and this can depend on the surrounding environment. Every time the device sends a new location it has to receive information from the GPS Satellites and this calculation can differ slightly. The surroundings, such as buildings, trees and the atmosphere, can affect the accuracy of the location that the device reports.
    I charged my Trackimo Device but it isn't tracking. What's wrong?
    If you recharged your Trackimo device after its battery died then you will need to power it back on as the device powered off when the battery died.
    Why did I stop receiving SMS messages from device alerts?
    Because there is a monthly limit to SMS messages according to your billing plan.
    I can not find a solution in the FAQs, what do I do?
    If you are unable to find a solution to a problem here, please Submit a request so we can investigate the issue.
    How do I change the Device Alarms and Settings?
    Clicking on the device alarms will open a settings menu on top of the screen. This will allow you to set the device's specific settings and alarm notifications.

    Alarms are sent to your configured email and to the Trackimo dashboard. The notification alarms will include the device's location and speed at the time the alarm is triggered.

    Sending Alarms to contacts
    The Trackimo service allows you to send alarms you may receive to other contacts through their email address or as an SMS alarm to their cell phone.

    This can be done by clicking on the "Add contacts for this alarm" link next to each alarm.

    When this is done a dialog will appear as shown in the image below. Contacts that are checked on the right side will receive the alarm. You may remove a contact by clicking on the "Remove from contacts list" link.
    What Computer Browser can I use?
    The following browsers are supported:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+
    Google Chrome version 31.0+
    Apple Safari 5.1.7+
    Mozilla Firefox 18.0.2+
    Opera 17.0+
    How do I log into the Trackimo site and view my device location?
    Go to Click the login button on the top center and enter your E-mail and Password details.
    What Smartphones have a Trackimo Mobile App?
    There is a Trackimo Mobile App for the Apple Iphone and Google Android.
    How can I change my password on the Trackimo Site?
    In the upper right section of the header near your email login click the drop down arrow, select "Change password" and fill in your new selected Password.
    How do I change the email address associated with my device?
    Contact the customer support number at 646-626-6111 and ask for assistance in changing the email address for you.

    For clients outside the U.S. and Canada area, submit a support ticket with a request to change the email address. Additional information for verification purposes may be required

    Is there a way to change subscription plans?
    Support can cancel the auto renewal for your device. Submit a support ticket to request the said cancellation.This way, you can control when to renew your subscription, and which plan you want to use in the future.
    How long will the Trackimo site hold my history? How far back can I see?
    The system currently saves the device history for 1 year.
    Can I delete my device history?
    You have the capability to delete the history on each unit.
    What is a GeoFence / Virtual Boundary?
    A GeoFence is a defined boundary that allows alerts to be triggered when a GPS device passed in our out of that area. Within the application, GeoFences can be created in the shape of a square or rectangle.
    How do I set up a GeoFence?
    Click on the device name you wish to add a Geofence for, then click the "Fences" tab.
    Click the "Create new Fence" button.
    A rectangle pink fence will appear surrounding your device (or at the center of the map). You can enter a specific address to centralize your fence around it. You can select a pre-defined perimeter size. You can modify the fence size and location by dragging its borders and moving it on the map. When you're satisfied with your new fence, give it a name and click "Done". Once the GeoFence is created, you can add additional emails and phone numbers (by SMS) that will receive alerts for this fence.
    Do I have to set up GeoFences or Alerts in order for my Trackimo Device to work?
    No. After activating the Trackimo device, it will begin to send GPS information to the Trackimo site and you will be able to view its location. If you want to receive automated alerts, you will need to set up your own GeoFence and Alarm settings.
    How small of a GeoFence zone can I set?
    The smallest size for a GeoFence zone is 200 meters (656 feet). This helps prevent false alerts.
    Can I set multiple GeoFence zones?
    Yes. You have the ability to create up to 5 zones. You will be alerted when your device enters or exits these zones.
    What happens if my mobile phone is turned off while an alert is being sent?
    You won't receive your alerts until your mobile phone is turned on and connected to the network. Fortunately, we have several modes to deliver important messages to you and alternate recipients: SMS, email, and phone calls.
    Is the speed calculation accurate?
    If the GPS positioning accuracy is good then the speed is usually accurate. However, in no event shall Trackimo be liable for indirect or consequential damages including, without limitation, damages for any traffic fines or citations resulting from use of the product.
    How can I change my Credit Card information?
    If you're in the middle of a subscription during change, you can ask customer support to cancel the subscription and change the information upon renewal.

    If you're no longer on auto-renewal, you can change your payment information once your subscription expires.
    If I cancel my service, will I be able to go back and look at my history and reports?
    No, you will not be able to continue viewing your tracking data history.
    I don't receive any notifications.
    Please check app settings, turn on notifications, update contacts. If you're still having trouble after, please submit a ticket to support.
    How do I purchase a subscription?
    When activating your device on the website or through the app, as you insert the device ID and IMEI, you will be forwarded to the next step requiring Subscription purchase.

    You will have one or more options with available payment cycles (monthly, 4 months, 1 year subscriptions).

    Depending on your geographical location the selection of available plans as well as the price may vary.
    What if I want to change my subscription/billing cycle?
    It is not possible to switch to another plan or change the billing cycle on the website or in the app. However, our support team can cancel your current subscription. Submit a support ticket to request the cancellation. Once cancelled you can purchase a new subscription with the desired billing cycle/plan. This way, you can control renewing your subscription.
    Is my subscription canceled automatically as I stop using my device?
    In case your subscription doesn't have an expiration date and is set to renew automatically - it will not get cancelled as you stop using the device.

    In case your subscription has an automatic renewal, it will keep charging you for the next billing cycle. To prevent unwanted charges, contact the customer support team with the renewal cancellation request.
    Why did I stop receiving SMS messages from device alerts, when I have them included in my plan?
    The plan you choose for your tracker includes a limited number of SMS per billing cycle.

    Once you run out of SMS, you have to wait for the next billing cycle in order to start receiving SMS again.
    How do I cancel my subscription?
    Currently, there's no tool to cancel your subscription from the website or via the app. In order to get your subscription cancelled, please submit your support request.