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Our range of smart pet trackers clip onto your furry friend's collar and allows you to monitor their whereabouts and activity at any given moment - from anywhere in the world
Enabling fast response time
Location reassurance
Activity monitoring
Lost/Stolen pets
Helps with
TrackiPet 2G
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TrackiPet 4G
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Speed monitoring
...and more!
5-year activity monitoring
Custom, real-time alerts
Custom safe zones
Real-time location tracking
"Just brilliant - Every dog should have one! Excellent value for money, totally reliable"
"Does exactly what it says it does!! Have had no problems with this and easy to use! Fantastic value for money .. told all my friends about this.. can't praise this product enough!!!!❤️"
"Love it, my dog is a runner, so reassuring to have this on my phone. I'm pretty useless with tech stuff but I managed to set it up and believe me, if I can do it, anybody can!"
"Love this little gem of a find. Has given me peace of mind when taking my dog off the lead."
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Add another layer of safety with the

A community of trusted contacts for pet owners that helps ensure the safety of each other's furry friends during emergencies.
Pet Trust Ring
There's not a moment to lose if your beloved dog has run off at the park or disappeared for your back yard.
But what if you're stuck all the way in the other side of town and are not close enough to react immediately?
Instantly alert the members of your Pet Trust Ring so they can help track your furry friend as soon as possible.
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